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Tricologist Level 2 Curriculum
Theory Tricology Twice a week ,2hrs per lesson/8 weeks =Ttl 32 hrs
Study of alopecia
Study of Nutrition
Study of Counselling
Practical skills The making of counselling form Twice a week ,2hrs per lesson/8 weeks =Ttl 32 hrs
Lymphoma Massage
Scalp Spa Treatment
Sit/Lay down Hair wash
Tricologist Level 1 Curriculum
Theory Anatomy Twice a week ,2hrs per lesson/8 weeks =Ttl 32 hrs
Cranial Anatomy
Study of alopecia
Aroma and Scalp Spa Treatment
Practical skills The study of symptoms Twice a week ,2hrs per lesson/8 weeks =Ttl 32 hrs
Counselling according to sysmptoms
The study of symptom classification
Nursing skills
Only those with over 20 hours of clinical practice can apply the exam
Qualify Tricology Lecturer Curriculum
Exam Exam for Leturing Practical Exam right after lesson ends
Practical Exam Hair Wash,Deep Cleansing,Skills for Scalp Spa Treatment and funstion explanation skills
Exam for the use of machines Accessing the principle of the machine and its function
Board-writing-Exam Accessing the skills of board writing during lecture
Speaking Exams Speech rate and the appropriate use of jargons during Letures
Only those with over 200 hours of clinical practice/ International Association of Tricologists Certificate holder can apply the exam