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HAN KUK Hair Salon Scalp Plus

Inauguration Item Without Competition

Blue Ocean 
Why only Korean beauty industry?

With the increase in personal income and living standards, need for fashion also increase. Money spent on beauty rises, it is now on era where in people are willing to spend on personaling and service.

Korean Beauty has experts accredited by Korean goverment and has education training system in Korea. Not only will the service satisfy the customers, but it will also increase professionalism of Hong Kong's hairstyle industry.

Due to Hallyu(Korean wave), value of korean brand increase in Hong Kong. The value of Hankuk Hair brand is higher than that of often companies. Value of the brand will contiue to increase due to its systematic marketing and brand value.

Futher, There are 10 million patients suffering hair loss at the moment. In the past 10 years hair loss market has been successful and will continue to grow as competition is low as the target is clearly defined. 

Special scalp industry has specific goals & less competition, its likelihood of success is high. Based on the experience in Korea, the venture in Hong Kong will be a sured in Blue Ocean.

1. Opening consultation 
 Cost and procedure for opening 
2. Franchise consultation 
Affiliation counseling 
3. Market analysis/ establishment of a store 
Determining areas of interest and points of origin & store contracts 
4. Franchise and Interior 
Contract of the company's headquarters and payment of member fees paid by the member company 
5. Head office management and support 
Supports management enablement sales training, management systems, PR, support of sales promotion , supervisor support 
6. PrepRing for the opening 
Products, original equipment delivery and equipment order, subsidiary supplies, open rehearsal 
7. Open event/ promotion 
Articles of public relations (Flyer brochure ) 
8. Staff training & employee training 
Sales management and operating system training , management programs and device training , cs education