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Korean Makeup is famous for its natural and elegance look. Which allows photos to look adorable and fashionable regarding the past and the  present. Which attract many Hong Kong couples to visit Korea for their prewedding. And some whom plan to get Korean-style makeup done on their big day.

The Hair Beauty Company is part of Korean Beauty & Wedding Limited and is owned by Korean for over 30 years in Korea. Due to popularity of Korean perm, our company director decided to open two branches in Hong Kong. One located in Causewaybay and another loacted in Tsim Sha Tsui. To meet the growing demand of authenthic Korean Hair & Beauty to Hong Kong Couples.

Our Korean professional teams are recruited from Korea and stationed in Hong Kong for a long period of time. We provide coupled with hair, nail, makeup and photo-taking services sp that couples can enjoy authentic korean services without the need of going to Korea.